What to Watch: 10/16/2016

Epix tries to live up to its name tonight with a pair of original shows featuring some impressive talent. Meanwhile, its the usual Sunday with a massive amount of programming, including a primer special for one of the most anticipated season premieres ever.

Graves [Epix. 10p]
This one could go either way, really, as this political satire telling the tale of a former president (played by three-time Oscar nominee Nick Nolte, oooh, nice get, Epix) who has a change of heart after his career and decides to undo (or fix) all of his signature programs.

Madam Secretary [CBS, 9p]
Elizabeth negotiates peace in Algeria, preventing a civil war, and then twice attempts to cinch the Democratic nominee, only to spin her wheels facing off against an inexperienced wind bag, because week after week Elizabeth is the glue that holds CBS’s America together.

Insecure [HBO, 10:30p]
Issa Rae’s adaptation of her beloved and super-awkward web series continues as Molly celebrates Treat Yo Self day before a date.



  • Epix’ other new series of the day, Berlin Station, also boasts an Academy Award nominee in Richard Jenkins and deals with a CIA operation to chase down a Wikileaks-type organization. Tres timely.
  • The Simpsons has had a surprisingly fresh start to Season 28, and tonight is “Treehouse of Horror” night, which rarely fails to have at least something fun.
  • We have a soft spot for adaptations of moody Scandinavian (redundant?) shows, and USA’s Eyewitness is the latest, as we see a gory murder from the perspective of the titular characters.
  • HBO may have the lockdown on the best new shows of 2016, and Westworld is no slouch as there are already dozens of questions (there must be at least ONE hidden android) on this snazzy update of the 197os cult classic.
  • Perhaps the most awaited return since we collectively wondered who shot Mr. Burns, America waits and wonders about which beloved character did Negan obliterate with his wired bat on next week’s seventh season premiere of AMC’s tentpole, The Walking Dead (and it’s beginning to sound like we may just riot). Tonight, AMC milks the suspense with a special preview.

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