What to Watch: 10/03/2016

Our recommendations tonight are practically a treatise on time and morality, both real and imagined. Mondays, amirite?

Timeless [NBC, 10p]
As a sucker for a good time-travel yarn, I was in for Timeless from first peeping its plot — that it has Malcolm Barnett returning to the scientist role he played perfectly (if certainly more comically) on Better Off Ted. It’s also earning solid reviews, so, yup, I’m excited for this tale of a thief who swipes a time machine and starts messing with history.

Class Divide [HBO, 8p]
Experience gentrification through the microcosm of one NYC intersection, where Chelsea’s upper upperclass children “must interact” with the neighborhood’s low-income children because an elite private school is across the street from public housing.

Lucifer [Fox, 9p]
Lucifer Morningstar continues to deal with his mother. Will he believe her innocence when she shows up at a murder scene?



  • It’s not going to ease the pain of the many fans of Agent Carter still in mourning that Conviction, the ABC First-Daughter’s-A-Mess legal drama to which Hayley Atwell jumped is getting tepid reviews.
  • It looks like the Mad Hatter is creeping around Gotham tonight on Fox.
  • Scorpion is back on CBS, do you care? (someone must)

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