What to Watch: 10/02/2016

It’s actually quite amazing that it’s taken this long (our oldest editor’s lifetime) for a certain 1970s cult thriller about robots coming to life to be updated. It did get a half-parody/half-homage from The Simpsons back in the 90s (“what could possib-lie go wrong”). The trailer is haunting, even if the early reviews are solid-if-not-spectacular. There’s also a new variety show from Kevin Hart, and the returns of Phil Mann, Frank Gallagher and Dr. Elizabeth McCord. Follow below for more.

Westworld [HBO, 9p]
Will the measure of morality be how we treat our technology? Will our interactions with that technology change what it means to be human? HBO’s hotly anticipated new series Westworld may not answer those questions but it will give us something to think about.

Hart of the City [Comedy, 11:30p]
While his showmanship and marketing prowess can sometimes shadow his talent, Kevin Hart has one of the sharpest of comedic minds and eyes. It’ll be on display as he goes from city to city, Drunk History-style, showcasing local stand-ups on his new variety program.

Son of Zorn [Fox, 8:30p]
Zorn lives out our collective fantasy when he rallies his co-workers against one of their own when someone steals hot sauces from the breakroom. (That’s why you always carry your own Sriracha on a keychain.)



  • After last week’s ass-whoopin’ debate, it’s a fun time for Tea Leoni to come back on Madam Secretary. Tonight’s third season premiere on CBS takes a run at climate change. Hopefully, her real life doppelganger does the same when she ascends to president.
  • Frank Gallagher awakens from a one month coma, or as he likes to call it, February (womp, womp), tonight on the seventh season premiere of Shameless.
  • It’s good that at least some of the surfeit of end-of-the-world antics are funny as Phil Mann’s travails continue with a third season return of Fox’s The Last Man on Earth.
  • Speaking of cult-movies-turned-series, Ash vs. Evil Dead comes back on Starz.
  • There’s been a run on decade-or-more old scandal documentaries (post-Serial drip?), and the parent-murdering Melendez Brothers are the latest to step to the plate. Snapped: Notorious – The Melendez Brothers airs on Oxygen tonight.




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