What to Watch: 09/30/2016

Everyone is impressed by Luke Cage — from independent drug couriers to legendary filmmakers and part-time pe … ok, let’s just not go there. As Fridays go, if you ain’t got [stuff] to do,  you’ve got a lot of bingeworthy options.

Marvel’s Luke Cage [Netflix]
Marvel’s latest superhero installment takes us to Harlem, where we get the back story of a woke Black superhero who besides fighting crime reads Ralph Ellison and has an affinity for hip-hop. All this set to a score produced by Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge. It’s clear this is more than an action series, it’s a timely political statement.
Crisis in Six Scenes [Amazon]
Even with everything that’s we’ve seen from Woody between, oh, let’s say 1994 and now — whether you’re talking about his 5:1 ratio of useless films to classics or his personal life “antics” which probably would get most others shunned from society for life -I can’t not be excited about his first scripted TV series. That it’s the first Miley Cyrus/Elaine May collabo is even more hopeful, although the fact the AV Club dubs it “funny, creaky” is less so.

High Maintenance [HBO, 11p]
Tonight The Guy tries out virtual reality and helps a native Midwesterner stressed out by the trials and tribulations of city-living.



  • Netflix adds to the streaming goodness with the latest in the headline-rip’t, see-the-other-side documentaries with more-than-questionable protagonists with their simply titled Amanda Knox.
  • Can Lucas Till fill the shoes of the Bouvier Twins favorite gum-toting, explosives-devising B-TV icon MacGyver with half the, um, gumption(?) of Richard Dean Anderson? (or even Will Forte?) My Magic 8 Ball says doubtful, but stranger things have happened.
  • If your day could use a bit more liberal ‘tude of a sort that’ll put some people off (and given a certain candidate, who could blame ya), Real Time with Bill Maher is featuring BOTH Sean Penn and Sarah Silverman.

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