What to Watch: 09/27/2016

Welp, filmmaking provocateur Michael Moore has stepped in to provoke, with a contrary view as to just who won the debate, and it’s hard to tell whether he’s calling for attention or trying to rile people up to action. However, if you are on the left and want to revel in Trump’s breakdown, there’s a Sam Bee special, or you could just turn on any channel but Fox (or at this point, probably even Fox).

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee [TBS, 10:30p]
Samantha Bee surely knew the shameful horror (do Germans have a word for that?) which was set to unfold on Monday, and moved over to Wednesday so she can take some time to really dig into the satire lying everywhere from deep beneath to floating way above the surface in this most insane of elections. May God have mercy on our soul.

You’re the Worst [FX, 10p]
Is Jimmy ever going to face his dad’s death this season? And poor Edgar is going tot have another meltdown at the VA office isn’t he? I’m way too emotionally attached to the characters who coined the term “new phone, who dis?”

India: Nature’s Wonderland [PBS, 10p]
PBS’s blink-and-you-miss-it documentary about India’s natural world wraps up tonight with a look at Jadav Payeng, a man who planted a 1,360 acre rainforest over the course of 30 years, demoiselle cranes of Khichan, and sure-footed goats.



  • It’s a fine mess the Criminal Minds people have gotten themselves into. Season 11 ended on a Hotch-heavy cliffhanger — which might have seemed a good plan before actor Thomas Gibson decided to kick one of the writers and get thrown off the long-running show (think that writer might not to get to kill Hotch off slowly and painfully?). Anyway, in steps Adam Rodriguez as new agent Thomas Alvarez, along with the return of Paget Brewster’s Emily Prentiss (yay!), and we’ll see where tonight’s Season 12 debut lands. On CBS.
  • More familiar new faces arrive on CBS as Code Black literally adds Rob Lowe to the cast.
  • TV Land’s Younger is one of those shows which build up a critical fanfare and cult following while many of us aren’t looking. It’s got Sutton Foster, so we should know better, and we really need to check it out as it starts its third season tonight.
  • Impastor also quietly returns on the same channel, with the truth swirling around the titular character and threatening to upend his whole world.

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