What to Watch: 09/26/2016

So, yeah, they’ll talk today. We’re not sure exactly what it is we can learn about these two at this point, but there you have it. It’s the first of three debates. There’s 43 days to the election and we are where we are. Two out of three of us are not recommending it, and we’re mostly political junkies. This just needs to end. It’s not funny anymore. It never really was. Racism rarely is.

First Presidential Debate [Multiple Channels, 9p]
I know I might immediately regret this decision but I feel like it’s my civic duty to watch and see just how bad it gets tonight. Wondering which Trump will show up and how Hillary will counter him.

Food Network Star Kids [Food, 8p]
It’s the finale of the first season, and the three junior finals will … film a sizzle reel before shopping for the final competition. The winner gets a show online, a Food Network Magazine, and a correspondence on The Kitchen (but not a shot of liquor to go with it — being a minor — which I would need for that last “honor”).

Loosely, Exactly Nicole [MTV, 10:30p]
It’s not the greatest show (although it’s had its moments), and MTV seems to be burning this show’s episodes off, but this sexually charged sitcom centered around ultra-charming comic Nicole Byer is leagues better than one more goddamn second wasted listening to that incompetent racist hack bully, and even worse the supposed left-wing press acting like he’s not the most monstrously unqualified candidates in history. I’m done. Out. FU everyone who’s kept his candidacy relevant.



  • Ham is delicious and always something you should have in your possession, unless you are a vegetarian. Also, Jada Pinkett Smith returns as Fish on Fox’s Gotham.
  • Remember way back when that jerkoff complained about one of the debates coming opposite football? That’s this one. There’s NFL Football as the Falcons and Saints face off.
  • ABC’s still got celebrities who you can watch boogie down on Dancing with the Stars. With any luck, he who shall not be named will have to beg to get on next year’s competition.


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