What to Watch: 09/25/2016

It’s animation dominating this Sunday, including our highlighted top show in the history of manKIIIIIIND! Yes, The Simpsons returns for its record-exploding 28th season, with Mr. Burns at the center. But we also have Family GuyBob’s Burgers, and the newest addition Son of Zorn.

The Simpsons [FOX, 8p]
In the season 28 premiere Springfield burns, causing Mr. Burns to put on a variety show as part of his repayment. We learned last season that Lisa was meant for the stage, nudge nudge, Fox.

Son of Zorn [Fox, 8:30p]
It’s the first “official” episode of the mixed-medium program, and with Bill Hader voicing our He-Man, and Cheryl Hines and Tim Meadows helming the human side, we should be alright.

Bob’s Burgers [Fox, 7:30p]
This may be the first time we’ve all chosen shows from the same network. In any case, I am a sucker for both a flu storyline and for anything involving Kristin Schaal’s Louise Belcher, and Bob’s Burgers has a combo of both in its seventh season premiere, so it’s golden.



  • Rounding out the night of animation, it’s the formidable Family Guy, starting its 15th season. We feel no reason to push it, you’ll watch it or you won’t.
  • Will Forte pulls double-duty tonight as the animated-in-spirit The Last Man on Earth returns for the beginning of its third season.
  • The dead are still walking and we’ll see what comes of Curtis’ observation of Madison’s sign reveal on Fear the Walking Dead.
  • And then on Food Network, Vinny & Ma Eat America and we’ll just let that title stand.




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