What to Watch: 09/19/2016

A lot of drinking and marrying going on this week. We’ve got the debut of new shows from TV icons Kevin James, Kristin Bell, and Ted Danson. There’s also the return of a dark drama which confounded critics’ early pans to score an inspired first season finale, and the latest turn from the top-rated geek-show-that-made-good.

The Good Place [NBC, 10p]
While the flawed angel who tries to balance their karmic ledgers in the afterlife trope is about a hundred halos overdone, it’s hard to argue against the casting here, with Kristin Bell and Ted Danson leading the cast.

Kevin Can Wait [CBS, 8:30p]
Kevin James stars as a retired police officer who finds managing things at home is tougher than anything he dealt with on the streets as a cop.

The Big Bang Theory x vhbgCBS, 8p
Meet Penny’s family: her brother (Jack McBrayer) deals drugs and her mom (Katey Segal) is neurotic. Why can’t Penny catch a break?

Lucifer [Fox, 9p]
Lucifer returns for a second season of devilish charm. Not your grandma’s police procedural, Lucier has torched his wings… it’s anything goes. Also rumor has it we will meet his mom.



  • Gordon’s a free agent for now, and who knows what that could mean for crime in Gotham on Gotham on Fox
  • Samantha Bee came back with Full Frontal fury at a time when we really need it (seriously, she’s had it with Trump-mania and this may be the best takedown of the idea of equally flawed candidates).
  • If your heart is still brimming with Emmy excitement, and you have … opinions … about what everyone wore, there’s Fashion Police tonight.

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