What to Watch: 09/18/2016


As if as TV nerds we were going to suggest anything else — although we will as there’s a surprising amount of compelling television on competing channels (to DVR!!!!). We repeat, as if! Also, we need to relive Anthony Anderson’s adorableness one more time. If you want to make your picks, the Emmy site created a pretty cool scorecard.

68th Primetime Emmy Awards [ABC, 8p]
Give everything to Fargo, please.

68th Primetime Emmy Awards [ABC, 8p]
Come on, Mr. Robot! and Master of None. And Orphan Black.

68th Primetime Emmy Awards [ABC, 8p]
All of what Katherine and Navani said and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 



  • Slightly more than an interlude in between Negan’s oratorio and beatdown and the reveal of which beloved character (or Carl) receives Lucille’s wrath, Fear the Walking Dead is on a high note right now as distrustful groups try to work together to live walker-free in a luxury seaside hotel.
  • If you still want more walker glory from AMC, catch the usual afterparty hosted by Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead, and this hilarious MadTV sketch which takes us to multiple hotel lobbies, and which recalled a bit of this classic MadTV bit.
  • Over on HBO, the endgames of Ballers and Vice Principals both feature unlikely alliances. Two will enter, only one will remain … because Vice Principals ends its first season tonight, while Ballers goes one more week.
  • Meanwhile on Showtime, it’s all drama as on Masters of Sex, the operation is expanding as Libby takes a closer look behind her relationship, and on Ray Donovan, they do whatever it is that Ray Donovans do.
  • The infection mutates, because of course it does, on FX’s The Strain.
  • It’s fallout from secrets over at the critically lauded but criminally forgotten Survivor’s Remorse.
  • Also, for some reason, tis the season to dredge up the case of JonBenet Ramsey as there’s a feature tonight, but we don’t feel like linking to it.


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