What to Watch: 09/16/2016

Weed dealers and porn addicts aren’t going to obey your “NO TRESPASSING” signs, so if these are your neighbors, maybe don’t bother with the sign. Coincidentally, we are suggesting you watch new shows about a weed dealer and a porn addict, along with a true crime doc that speaks directly to one of our editors.

High Maintenance [HBO, 11pm]
The adventures of my fave Brooklyn Pot Dealer are back, now on HBO! This show is funny cause it’s true: the depiction of Brooklyn life is so spot on.

Fleabag [Amazon]
This show had me at Olivia Coleman (Peep ShowBroadchurch) as an evil stepmother. A woman (played by creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge) attempts to make her way through modern British life, as her love, family, and business life are all descending into pure chaos.

Nightmare Next Door [ID, 10p]
Tonight’s episode is titled, “Dear Katherine, It’s Me the Killer.” Pass the popcorn.



  • We can never have too much post-apocalypse, so in rides Orphan Black writer Tony Elliott and Netflix to our rescue with ARQ.
  • Syfy also hears you, and returns Z Nation to the airwaves for a third season, starting tonight, the same night Dark Matter goes, well, dark, with the provocatively titled episode “But First, We Save The Galaxy.”

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