What to Watch: 09/13/2016

On a relatively light night, sports, politics, and technology lead our choices.

The Contenders: 16 For ’16 [PBS, 8p][
PBS kicks off its election year series about classic presidential runs with profiles of two people who ran as mavericks. Shirley Chisholm is oft forgotten, but back in 1972, the first female African-American congressman ran a courageous campaign to become the first black president.

Halt and Catch Fire [AMC, 9p]
A staycation instead of camping, a revelation and a return to Texas … The ’80s period piece Halt and Catch Fire remains the show you should be watching

World Cup of Hockey, ESPN, 8p
The US plays Finland, in the kind of match that reminds us why the US is not the sort of hockey superpower we’d dream of (because our NHL stars are Canadian and Russian).



  • Season one of the old-guys-get-goofy-on-vacay comedy half-hour Better Late Than Never finales tonight with the guys celebrating Terry Bradshaw’s 67th.
  • New Netflix documentary Extremis examines the specter of death which haunts us all.


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