What to Watch: 09/12/2016

While there’s not much to talk about for scripted shows tonight, there’s no shortage of energy — whether its dancing (with amateurs going out and celebrities coming in) or overcoming obstacles with leaps and bounds or fighting a big orange monster so he doesn’t level up in an oval office.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee [TBS, 10:30p]
Faux news queen Bee returns from hiatus to interview an immigrant who founded Latinos for Trump — just the sort of oddball character, the political figure who shouldn’t quite exist but does, that should set her up strong for a fiery endgame of smashing electoral hypocrisy — particularly from the Trump-ier side.

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee [TBS, 10:30p]
Samantha interviews the Mexican immigrant that is behind the Latinos for Trump movement. I need to see this with mine own eyes to believe it.


American Ninja Warrior [NBC, 8p]
Tonight the warriors move through increasingly complex and mind-boggling obstacles, and we continue to root for our heroine Jessie Graff, the unstoppable Wonder Woman.


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