What to Watch: 09/11/2016

On this day when everybody remembers what day it is, in addition to people who run towards danger to defend lives and (hopefully) make the world a better place, we salute the people who are expressing their freedom against a tide of scorn and even none-too-subtle hints of violence to try to make the country they love follow its better angels. And that’s all we’re gonna say about that.

Son of Zorn [Fox, 8p]
An animated Pacific Island warrior (maybe with super powers?) reconnects with his live action family in the suburbs. Zorn is a chauvinistic nightmare, but he’s voiced by Jason Sudeikis and the cast is rounded out by Cheryl Hines and Tim Meadows.

BrainDead [CBS, 9p]
This overly bi-partisan and goofy sci-fi comedy about alien ants farming politicians’ brains in a quest to take over the world quicker than Marvin the Martian turned out to be one of the most purely fun shows of the summer (and isn’t that lovely?). Tonight, it’s a two-part endgame of the first season.

Escaping Polygamy [A&E, 10p]
Because sometimes real life is stranger than fiction.



  • On today’s weirdest of NFL opening days, there’s all the football you might want, including the Bradyless, Gronkless Pats taking on the chic Super Bowl pick Arizona Cardinals.
  • There’s also a ton of 9/11 memorials which as an outlet with an editorial staff that lived near either NYC or DC 15 years ago, we’re not sure why you’d want to watch the endless re-enactments, but it’s there if that’s what gets you thru your life.
  • Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan return as sexual scientists, this season joined by Niecy Nash among others, on a fourth go-around of Masters of Sex on Showtime
  • Ballers has been gratuitously slamming Buffalo all season, so editor Jason is so done with this show, but otherwise it’s not been a bad season (and he’ll admit being intrigued by what The Rock will do next after being essentially barred from his gig). That’s followed on HBO by the surprisingly charming Vice Principals as Gamby’s relationship hits the inevitable turbulence.
  • The Last Ship‘s third season finale’s synopsis reads “the battle for America reaches its climactic conclusion.” Oooh, we hope Trump loses. On TNT.
  • On Fear the Walking Dead, those undead walkers are still fearlessly attacking, and we don’t know where Ofelia has gone off to in the most creepy of hotels since The Shining.
  • If all else fails, Showtime’s always got Ray Donavan.

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