What to Watch: 09/04/2016

People have different reactions to the day known as 4th of September. While champion food truck operators may cheer it, zombie and bug hunters have different reactions. Which one will you be. Find out tonight on WHAT TO WATCH!!!!

BrainDead [CBS, 10p]
The bug have got our heroes running all around DC, and its been non-stop action-packed, um, action(?) on BrainDead. But this week it’s a policy hunt, as Luke and Laurel ferret through Red’s bills to find out what exactly is his secret plan.

Fear the Walking Dead [AMC, 10p]
Tonight we get to see what Travis has been up to since the events of the mid season finale. And how will Madison and Strand get out from behind that bar. Let’s see.

The Great Food Truck Race [Food, 9p]
The five teams head to Ventura County to serve surf and turf at the California Strawberry Festival.



  • If you’d prefer your post-apocalypse more outbreak-based than zombie-faced, you’ve got at least two choices as FX’s The Strain is just revving up its third season, while TNT’s The Last Ship logs off after a third season.
  • Abby may want love with Trace, while Trace has to deal with a prior flame, as the Hallmark-movie-gone-serial Chesapeake Shores goes in for a fourth episode on, where else, Hallmark.
  • It’s a WAGS/Hard Knocks crossover? Wives of the Los Angeles Rams meet up with the WAGs on WAGS on E!

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