What to Watch: 09/02/2016

As the pictures show, it’s a night for powerful men of all shades. Oh, and some cult sci-fi to boot.

Narcos [Netflix]
Taut true-life crime drama returns to Netflix for a second season which is already getting top reviews.

180 Days: Hartsville, PBCS, 8p
The town of Hartsville, South Carolina has a 92 percent graduation rate despite most of its families receiving free or reduced lunches and living at or below the poverty line. This two-part documentary examines how the district focuses on its students.

Die Hard [BBCA, 8p]
Suggest Die Hard, he says! Everyone has a blast, he says! Ok, well, you’ve probably seen it, so this is just a PSA of sorts to let you know it’s on tonight.



  • The titular team battles Level Six on Syfy’s Killjoys second season finale, which is followed by another mysterious second season finale, that of Dark Matter.
  • Netflix also goes to France for another version of its succesful Chef’s Table.

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