What to Watch: 08/31/2016


Worst is best! Up is down! East is west! Jefferson is the antichrist! Three-out-of-three TV-lovin’ editors in a Scholar-ly room agree that Hulu’s You’re the Worst is the top choice for your viewing pleasure tonight. But it’s not the only thing. Why, you may ask? Good thing we’re in the middle of a What-to-Watch article.


You’re the Worst [Hulu, 10p]

Season three premieres tonight, and we pick up where we left off, Lindsay back in marital bliss (misery) with Paul, Edgar seeking cohabitating heaven, and Gretchen and Jimmy facing her demons and the shock of saying I Love You–to each other. And tonight someone will prove He or She is the Worst in a way that will briefly (I hope) emotionally devastate me.


You’re the Worst [Hulu, 10p]

We left off last season with Jimmy and Gretchen saying the L word so now we watch and wait.  Can they confront all their worst fears about commitment and survive or will the relationship implode? As long as there are more frittatas along the way I’m ready for either one.


You’re the Worst [Hulu, 10p]

Between CasualDifficult People, and this, the two terrible people against the world genre has blown up in the past couple years. While it’s often hard to watch, you cannot turn away. Otherwise, I have little to add.



  • YTW interrupts our usual programming choice (that of Mr. Robot), but that does not mean the USA techno-thriller is not on, nor that we don’t recommend you watch. This week, Angela, Elliot, and Darlene all try to uncover their own truth from different places and angles.
  • Viceland’s pot-themed biography anthology Weediquette returns tonight for its second go-around.
  • Will the NFL long-snapper-cum-magician survive another round of cuts on NBC’s America’s Got Talent? En-Scholar-ing minds want to know.

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