What to Watch: 08/29/2016

The mob man is mad because he can’t find Waldo, but don’t fret mob man, he’s right up there with the Cake Wars judges in our banner pic. Beyond those bakers having fun with a pre-internet meme and some VMA washover, there’s not much, but here’s some television that’s on tonight:

Cake Wars [Food, 9p]
Season three comes to a close with a series of Where’s Waldo? cakes.

The Making of the Mob: Chicago [AMC, 10p]
Between the episode title (“Last Man Standing”), the fact that it’s the season finale of a show about the mob, and that all this took place about a century ago, I wouldn’t get too attached to anyone tonight.

Fashion Police: 2016 VMAs Edition [E!, 8p]
I’m not sure how I will be able to get through this episode minus Joan, but alas I will give it a whirl in her honor and because after that Kanye speech I need something else to focus on from last night. What better distraction than the interesting choices of what people wore?



  • Freeform’s hidden gem The Fosters tackles political angles as they try to get (hashtag) justice 4 Jack.
  • DIY’s House Crashers kicks off a thirteenth season of crashing houses by, what else, crashing a house.
  • Well, we’ll be: the synopsis for TNT’s Major Crimes does not even mention Rusty, so this might be the day to catch up with The Closer‘s solid, if by now well-worn, stable of character cops as they battle nazis (yup, that’s what the trailer says).

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