What to Watch: 08/23/2016

Michaela Watkins and Kerry Bishé bring brilliant, conflicted women to life in two different eras, but neither setbacks nor generational setting differences between their shows can stop them from sharing a laugh in today’s Screen Scholars image. Here’s some words about those shows, and other options to watch tonight.

Halt and Catch Fire [AMC, 9p]
If you missed the season three finale on Sunday, here’s your chance to catch up and mini-binge on Mutiny and its many mutinies among the early computer startup community. Hey, Chris Hardwick, where’s their Talking show, and would it be Talking Halt or Talking Fire. Or … or … wait for it, Talk and Catch Fire.

Casual [Hulu]
Valerie was such a brat at her surprise bday party last week she actually walked out and threatened to go back to her ex-husband, who she has been secretly sleeping with all season. But after experiencing Jack’s BBQ skills how can she continue with this outrageous idea?



  • Michael Rosen, founder of Current TV (remember that), opined on HuffPo today that Trump will win, and that it’s related to why the History Channel shows Swamp People instead of staid documentary (basically, we can’t have good stuff, because most of us don’t want good stuff). Anyway, Screen Scholars hopes he’s wrong. On an unrelated note, the History Channel debuts Milwaukee Blacksmith tonight, starring that bearded fella pictured above. That’s history right … blacksmith? {cowers shaking in cupboard}
  • Over on CBS, James Patterson’s Zoo wraps up a second season. Oh yeah, Rosen calls CBS out also.
  • This generation of MadTV on The CW hasn’t raised societal discourse yet, but let’s hope a visit from original run cast standouts Mo Collins and Nicole Sullivan gives the fourth offering a boost.
  • Counselors perform an exorcism tonight on Freeform’s spryly-written cult hit Dead of Summer. We’ll see how that works out, but since that would also exorcise the show’s whole premise, we’re not holding out hope for 100% evil destruction.
  • Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars episode is titled “The Wrath of Kahn” which is a cute play on the Trekkie movie title and perhaps a hint at the identity of Uber A. At least one of the ladies thinks so. Also on The FF.
  • If promos are to be believed (and that belief is kinda our credo), there’s a fun tough-guys-on-rollercoasters scenes on this week’s Hard Knocks, as HBO’s coolest sports series follows the L.A. Rams.
  • It may not portend the knock-down fights of an Andy Cohen special, but Twenty Years of The View should show off its own brand of drama with a twist of sweetness.

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