What to Watch: 08/21/2016

One of these moods is not like the other… As we celebrate the final day of an Olympics that turned out surprisingly AOK, there are more conflicts than in the average episode of any Real Housewives timed by one of those Andy Cohen Real Housewives reunion episode. And there’s also Ray Donovan. Let’s sort this out, why don’t we?

Fear the Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
Not just a distraction while we wait for Negan on the parent show, but a solid program in its own right, this mid-season return focuses on torn Nick as he tangles with how much to accept the walker within.

The Voice [NBC, 10:30p]
It’s blind auditions in this Voice special designed to follow the end of the Olympics. Hold on to your butts, because Judges Adam and Blake are joined by Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus.

The Night Of [HBO, 9p]
The tautest drama going has been my pick for weeks, so I’m certainly not going to stop when John Turturro’s John Stone and Amara Karan’s Chandra Kapoor present their defense of Naz.



  • Trump, we mean bugs, are on the verge of sending us into war with … someone, on tonight’s BrainDead on CBS.
  • After The Night Of on HBO, stick around as Ricky Jerret has to decide between Buffalo, New Orleans, or neither on Ballers, and McBride & Goggins uncork more mischief from their renewed alliance on the underrated, if thoroughly silly, Vice Principals.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, Lewis continues to deal with obsolescence as Hathaway misses his fully functioning dad on the series finale of Inspector Lewis on PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery.
  • You can definitely expect a flash of color and excitement from the city that throws the best carnival in the world, not to mention an attention-grabbing opener two weeks ago, for the Olympics Closing Ceremony.
  • And, of course, there’s always Ray Donovan, which we initially typo’d here as Rat Donovan, an animated version of the family crime drama starring rodents we’d never miss (Jon Vole, anyone?)

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