What to Watch: 08/19/2016

So much happy in today’s pictures that we’re just going to bask in the Olympic spirit and present our gold, silver, and bronze — in no specific order.

Steve Aoki: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead [Netflix]
This introspective music documentary takes a behind-the-scenes look at the life of DJ Aoki as he prepares for one of the biggest shows of his career. You’ll learn what inspires and drives him in his art, kinda like a Chef’s Table episode for music. I’m in.

Superstore [NBC, 10:30p]
Might be setting some sort of personal record as this show is on about its ninth chance, but America Ferrera is a national treasure, the rest of the cast came from great moments to get here, and Superstore has shown glimpses of promise in the past. After this week, our country could use an off-the-field win, and if that victory comes at the end of the night’s Olympic coverage in the form of a sitcom rising above mediocrity, we’ll take it.
 Olympics Primetime [NBC, 8p]
Usain Bolt is again defending his gold in tonight’s men’s race. Also on: women’s track, pole vault, hammer, and diving.
  • Over on Syfy there’s some mysterious Dark Matter doing what it is that they do
  • Big Brother is still up to its old tricks of awkwardness and random throwdowns, and for some reason Ziggy Marley is there.
  • Modern classics on cable include Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy on Flix and twisty thriller Inside Man on Starz
  • If you just want to turn your mind off, catch Waist Deep, a fun little quick-trigger thriller including Larenz Tate, Tyrese Gibson, and The Game. It’s on BET.

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