What to Watch: 08/18/2016

Still not a whole lot of non-Summer games programming, but don’t FLIP out (see what we did there — ihatemyselfihatemyselfihatemyself). Besides the renovation reality show above, we’ve got some movies — as well as a bunch of singers (and sort of singers) singing (or sort of singing).

Flipping Out [Bravo, 9p]
Everyone has baby fever at the Jeff Lewis Company. Jenni is dealing with her fertility issues this ep as she is trying for her second child and Jeff and Gage are excited for their baby on the way. Oh yeah, they meet with a furniture company to partner with and actually do some design stuff in the midst of all that.

Brave [Disney, 8p]
Pixar’s best film is its first to star the hero’s journey of a girl.

Good Hair [Fuse, 8p]
Chris Rock’s foray into the documentary format: it’s both a sweet defense of his own daughters who are bound to deal with one of racism’s many fun features, but for women everywhere who have subjected themselves to insane indignities to conform to beauty expectations.



  • Tonight on Spike’s Lip Sync Battle, veteran stand-up Russell Peters battles Cee-lo Green, which seems about as fair as when that Pussycat Doll won on Dancing with the Stars (i.e. it’s pretty much what you do as your jorb).
  • The band battles on opening night as the first season of Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll speeds towards a close on FX.
  • So, it’s been 12 years since Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle and there are that many apostles. Think about it! The classic movie airs on Comedy Central tonight.

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