What to Watch: 08/17/2016

Descend from the ceiling while cooking, they said. Grab a sharp knife, they said. Have a few laughs. Whatever, Mr. Robot’s old gal pal is too busy at EvilCorp to care, and Countess Luann is just going to drink her wine. And that’s how you do Wednesday television!


Mr. Robot [USA, 10p]

After the 90’s sitcom-themed episode last week including actual former USA commercials I can’t wait to see what Sam Esmail has in store for us tonight.


Cutthroat Kitchen  [Food, 9p]

The chefs have to fry, fry, fry: fish and chips, fried chicken, and a churro ice cream sandwich. Yes, please.


The Real Housewives of New York City [Bravo, 9p]

Ok, so this is not exactly me, but after Countess Luann’s bit with Andrea Martin’s character on Difficult People, I gotta give a shout out to my hometown’s version of this institution. Eight seasons, wow — and so many intros.



  • Secrets, lies, and the art of the double-cross are all on display on tonight’s episode of CBS’ American Gothic, an engaging show that may simply suffer from an exhaustion of taut thrillers wearing out our country’s name (it can happen).
  • A lot of no doubt funny things on Comedy Central’s Another Period, but we’re still mad at the show for killing the dog and the network for killing one of our favorite shows. More on that tomorrow in time for The Nightly Show finale.
  • Bill Simmons has got a pretty solid line-up including two-time Academy Award nominee (saying that never gets any easier) Jonah Hill and (not that) Jon Favreau (the political speechwriter one) on Any Given Wednesday.
  • The Olympics are still going strong in Rio — and it worked out — more thoughts on that from our Katherine very soon.


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