What to Watch: 08/16/2016

As a music mogul supreme, Snoop Dogg lowers over everything, even classic architecture and horror TV.

Andrew Zimmern’s Driven By Food [Travel, 9p]
In Zimmern’s new show, premiering tonight, he relies on cabbies to provide a food tour off-the-beaten path. Tonight Zimmern starts – where else? – in Rio.

Music Moguls [BET, 9p]
This reality show follows the lives of four music vets. In the season finale tonight Damon has a screening for his film, Snoop Dogg is set to perform at the Merryjane.com tour, Birdman negotiates with producers and Jermaine Dupri tried to get his daughter to move.

Dead of Summer [Freeform, 9p]
The mystery at Camp Stillwater builds!



  • Jackson and Mitch both face fraught decisions which could, as they say, change everything on CBS’ adaptation of James Patterson’s Zoo.
  • Los Angeles is softly abuzz with the return of the Rams, the city’s prodigal football son who had been wandering in the Midwest for two decades. We can dig further into that since they are the inevitable focus of this year’s offering of HBO’s always-insanely-good training camp expose, Hard Knocks.
  • Hanna has a vision that the Pretty Little Liars ladies are in danger. Considering the show, I’d take that bet. Tonight on Freeform.
  • Toddlers & Tiaras returns for a seventh season. While we do not endorse this program in the slightest, we recognize it exists. That is all!

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