What to Watch: 08/15/2016

We love TV – that’s kind of our thing – but we’re not going to lie: outside of the Olympics, it’s a pretty sparse night. It’s the kind of night to pop in your video of Goodfellas or The Simpsons Movie or even What Happens In VegasIshtar, or Armageddon (we’re certainly not gonna judge). But, being the good sports that we are, here’s some options from our tireless editors, and our hearts are at least half in it.

Are You The One? [MTV, 10p]
A reality/game show that my wife watches that I can’t seem to understand … Even after she has explained the rules to me numerous times. It’s the fourth season finale, if that ups the ante for ya.

Cupcake Wars [Food, 8p]
I’ve always said I’d dip into this show if they had ’00s child stars making cupcakes based on Roald Dahl characters. Tonight, Drake Bell competes to make the best Matilda creations, so nicely done, Cupcake Wars – way to call me on my made-up, ridiculous hypothetical.

Olympics Primetime [NBC, 8p]
Tonight’s quick cuts will be track, men’s volleyball, diving, and women’s gymnastics, with a focus on apparatus finals. The thrills never end!



  • TNT is still airing Closer spin-off (well, rebranding minus Kyra, really) Major Crimes, and apparently it’s still The Rusty Show (“when Rusty is off camera, everyone should be asking ‘where’s Rusty?'”). Rusty tries to cope with his biological mother being preggers, while a case is investigated in the background.
  • Again, can we sell you on The Fosters on Freeform. It’s actually a pretty good show.

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