What to Watch: 08/14/2016

John Stone ain’t got time for your Olympic beach volleyball glory. As Sundays go, this is a very quiet one, outside of the biggest sporting event in the world. And one of the best crime programs in the universe.

The Night Of [HBO, 9p]
As long as its first season is going, I suspect this will be our top choice for Sunday night viewing (at least mine). Tonight, Naz and Freddie continue to bond behind bars, while the prosecution doesn’t rest a second in its quest to condemn Naz.

The Walking Dead: Season 7 Preview [AMC, 10p]
Who killed Negan? We won’t find out tonight, but our excitement will be all the more stoked tonight with a preview of Saviors, Kingdoms, and more.

Olympics Primetime [NBC, 8p]
The highlight reel will feature beach volleyball, diving, and track. Simon Biles is competing for the gold, while Usain Bolt is running for his third gold medal.



  • While CBS’ BrainDead can be a bit preachy, the comic political pseudo-thriller is also criminally underrated. With bugs pushing the political world’s mindset to hyper-partisan (um, more so), the stage is set for the final battle between left and right.
  • While we wonder about a future Inspector Hathaway series (ok, there’s no plans, but as some beach-bound boys said, wouldn’t it be nice), let’s enjoy Inspector Lewis for one last go-around. Tonight on the PBS show, the coppers take on the case of an Oxford dean, while Hathaway mourns his sick dad and Lewis fears his own obsolescence.
  • It’s Sunday, so after the hour of serious on HBO, we have a couple comedies; evil Andy Garcia tries to destroy The Rock (sorry, Dwayne Johnson – like Freeform that’ll take some getting used to) and Rob Corddry’s struggling sports agency on Ballers, while the titular Vice Principals try to go for the Principal’s jugular.
  • Meanwhile, on Showtime, have you considered Ray Donovan. According to Klausner & Eichner on Difficult People, he has a new hat, but they could be joshing.


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