What to Watch: 08/12/2016

Shotputter Michelle Carter’s run to the 2016 Games of the Summer in Rio has been so epic that both original hip-hop kids and British bakers are taking notice. Working without a segue, the Screen Scholars have a bunch of shows to suggest right to your door.

The Get Down [Netflix]
Baz Luhrmann directs, Nas executive produces, and Grandmaster Flash teaches his protege how to DJ to bring the 1970s Bronx to life in this musical drama series that depicts the birth of hip-hop.

The Great British Baking Show [PBS, 9p]
The remaining chefs will go for the win by crafting the best iced buns, pastries, and grand British cakes. If last year’s finale is any indication, the concoctions will be spectacular.

Olympics Primetime [NBC, 8p]
It’s a double bill of speed, power, and grace, as Missy Franklin, Michael Phelps, and Katie Ledecky swim for their gold medals. Michelle Carter will race the track in the qualifiers, and I will wonder if I will ever run faster than I walk.



  • If you binge today on The Get Down and want to see some reality show kids flow in modern times, The Rap Game is going strong mid-season on Lifetime, with Bow Wow and Da Brat stopping in. On a side note, this show’s penchant for great clip makes us long for the return of The Soup.
  • The rest of the night’s Lifetime programming is devoted to a marathon of dance competition program Bring It! featuring some enhanced episodes.

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