What to Watch: 08/08/2016

Today is 8-8-16 (how very symmetrical!). UnREAL‘s Rachel is unimpressed. Rachel is unimpressed with Olympic tennis either. Then again, Rachel is not particularly impressed with anything at all. She’s got a lot on her mind as her reality show’s chaos mirrors her life as both crash into tonight’s second season finale.

UnREAL [Lifetime, 9p]
Whether Rachel is whole again and Quinn has a conscience, for better or worse at least now we can all get some peace of mind after tonight’s finale.

UnREAL [Lifetime, 9p]
I’m with Navani here, both on recommending the show, and in praising its power by saying just as a viewer, I need therapy after this season.

Olympics Primetime [NBC, 7p]
It’s a big night for swimming, and the continuation of gymnastics. It’s our second night in a row for rooting on Katie Ledecky, with a side of rooting for (my) hometown boy, Michael Phelps.



  • Adam Richman starts a second year of clueing people in to untrodden culinary paths around the country on his Travel Channel foodologue, Secret Eats with Adam Richman. He starts this year in London, England, scouring the backroads and the alleyways for the best BBQ in an unlikely place.
  • The Mistresses are trying, but it’s hard out there for a mistress, and tonight’s episode on ABC contains health scares, fame head trips, and nanny bonding.
  • If you’d like your dramatic unrest to concern housecleaners and the houses they clean, it’s fourth season over for Devious MaidsUnREAL‘s only-slightly less dramatic cousin on Lifetime, so you can imagine the level of mental mayhem there. Basically, if you watch television tonight, even if you are the toughest nut, make sure you have a hanky – or something more modern and hygienic, maybe.



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