What to Watch: 08/07/2016

Inspector Lewis and Michael Phelps are two men in search of a similar goal: solving the next case and heading to the pub for the next drink and winning a boatload of gold medals at the 2016 Olympics. Ok, they’re not similar at all. You’ll be surprised at which one is in fact a fictional character!!! Click and find out.

Inspector Lewis [PBS, 9p]
After a few weeks of Endeavour, PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery series flashes forward through writer Colin Dexter’s Morse/Lewis Universe to Inspector Lewis as a grizzled veteran. The season premiere of the ninth and final series of the program airs tonight with Lewis adjusting to a new boss, and Hathaway, well, just being Hathaway.

The Jim Gaffigan Show [TVLand, 10p]
Jim is not really really sure whether or not to be supportive of his brother when he shows up at his doorstep in NY.

Olympics Primetime [NBC, 7p]
It’s a big night for swimming, and the continuation of gymnastics. It’s our second night in a row for rooting on Katie Ledecky, with a side of rooting for (my) hometown boy, Michael Phelps.



  • The HBO line-up is still your best bet if you want to stay in one spot. On the crack-like water cooler crime show The Night Of, Detective Box pieces together Naz’ most unfortunate of nights as John Stone tries to remain in the loop. The Rock and Rob Corddry try to hold it together as the wrath of Andy Garcia’s mega-agent Andre comes down on them on Ballers. And it’s a full hour of football as the titular characters of Vice Principals use a high school game as cover for their shenanigans.
  • Turns out you might be able to get through to the bugs infiltrating DC power players’ minds after all. We’ll learn more about that on tonight’s BrainDead on CBS.
  • Roadies is still a thing on Showtime, and this week we’ve got a stolen iPad and an eccentric photographer as centerpieces.
  • A twist on the fifth season’s opener of Spike’s Bar Rescue: the failing owner is just too darn nice.


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