What to Watch: 08/05/2016


Ok, yes, we’re mainly suggesting the grand spectacle of the 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony in Rio, even if Rio has as many issues as there were models with odd haircuts in the Duran Duran video of the same name. However, we just couldn’t put the Olympics in two straight What to Watch banners, so we went with Eric Andre, whose neurotic salad of shocks in a 15-minute format returns today.

Olympics 2016 Primetime: Opening Ceremony [NBC, 8p]
USA! USA! USA! Please, no spoilers while the Olympics plays out ahead of primetime. I have a standing date with my television until this whole thing ends.

Olympics 2016 Primetime: Opening Ceremony [NBC, 8p]
My favorite part of the games is the kick off filled with music, dance and hopefully a twist of samba culture.

The Eric Andre Show [Adult Swim, 12a]
Absurdist comedian Eric Andre’s antics are not for everyone – I’m even pretty sure it’s not for me. It plays like a more unhinged version of Tim & Eric’s surreal sketches peppered with Tom Green’s peppered spirit. However, as that implies, it is one of the most unique and adventurous shows out there, and I salute it as such. It returns for a fourth season in the dark of tonight’s night.

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