What to Watch: 08/04/2016

Dunno about you, but now we want there to exist a Fay Wray horror movie where a crafty gymnast defeats a come-to-life truck. Only us? Ok. Here’s some show suggestions, leading of course with the greatest sports event on Earth:

Olympic Preview Special [NBC, 8p]
A glimpse into what’s in store for us in Rio.

Ice Road Truckers [History, 10p]
Clearly the second greatest sports event on Earth is that carnival of northern survival, Ice Road Truckers. The hearty Alaskans return for a tenth season on the History Channel.

The Wedding March [TCM, 8p]
This silent film from 1928 stars Fay Wray in a romantic drama about an Austrian prince coerced into marrying an heiress, and not the woman he loves.



  • If you’re seeking hip-hop flavored comic variety shows, look no further than the various MTVs, my friend, as it’s the season debuts for Joking Off and Nick Cannon Presents: Wild N’ Out tonight.
  • For more grim period piece police procedural action, there’s another installment of the underrated Ripper Street tonight on BBC America.
  • And if you’d prefer the Olympic athletes were robots, ABC’s got you covered with the latest from our favorite BattleBots.

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