What to Watch: 08/03/2016

Will Gordon Ramsay’s messy hijinks, or Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome’s petulant follies cheer up the spiraling Elliot? Probably not as he’s pretty rightfully down, partially schizophrenic, and that’s not even getting into the fact they’re all on different shows. In addition to cooking shows, period parodies, and technothrillers, we’ve also got the return of a pair of paranormals, real talk from comedians, and a season finale for an old fashioned dumb dad sitcom.

Mr. Robot [USA, 10p]
After the longest episode ever last week there is a finally a spark of Elliott coming back to the real world and hacking the FBI. I’m ready for some long overdue action now.

Another Period [Comedy, 10p]
More inspired silliness as the sprawling comic ensemble takes aim once more at Downton as a Kanye-esque Scott Joplin – played by a certain Cedric – entertains the ladies. Also, this episode promises a heaping helping of Peepers.

MasterChef [FOX 8p]
Tonight’s two-hour episode includes last week’s birthday cake challenge but moves into new material when the ten cooks make breakfast with Nutella. I submit my spoon.



  • If you are genuinely unafraid of any ghosts – even invisible men sleeping in your bed – there’s a double-shot of the paranormal tonight on Syfy with the return of Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness for an 11th and 5th season respectively.
  • Fresh off a solid stint battling euphemisms on this week’s Match Game, David Alan Grier gets far more serious, joining Christian Finnegan and Sherrod Small on A&E to talk about Hollywood and race on Black & White.
  • Baby Daddy wraps up its 5th (and Freeform has already renewed it for a 6th?!?) season with an episode that doesn’t exactly break down TV tropes, but sounds kinda fun. Title daddy Ben forgets his title baby Emma’s birthday and has to combine adult and child parties. Oh, the misadventures they will have!
  • Striking a far more serious pose is Starz’ Survivor’s Remorse, as its stars weather another tragedy.


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