What to Watch: 08/02/2016

Hey, wanna see some magic? Heroic 1936 U.S. Crew Team? Ambiguous Reality TV star? No? Well, my story as an ex-NFL long snapper may still propel me to the finals. Also, is this the final meal for the beast? Will you still be watching MadTV?

The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now [MTV, 9p]
I mean any chance to revisit the 90s and the beginnings of reality TV I’m there. #teamlauren

American Experience: The Boys of ’36 [PBS, 9p]
Get your USA chants ready for the Olympics with this story about the men’s rowing team of ‘36, which beat the odds and Hitler’s elite in Berlin.

America’s Got Talent [NBC, 8p]
I’m shocked too, but I cannot help but watch and root on a magician who played for my favorite football team, as Jon Dorenbos does and was. Ne-Yo loves him.



  • While Feed the Beast did not get the greatest reviews upon arrival, those who stuck with it seem to like it. Debts come due on the first season finale tonight, and we’ll see how it sets up (and soon, if it gets) a second season.
  • Not sure what a 1990 hit song with a video featuring Leslie Ann Warren in the briefest of cameos, but that’s the title of this week’s Zoo episode where most of the cast is looking for evidence surrounding the quaintest triple helix.
  • The pit’s about to get crowded on TBS’ genuinely funny Lost parody Wrecked.
  • Is Rollins dead? Before we even answer that, we’re scheduled to have yet another murder on Freeform’s signature show Pretty Little Liars. Oh, Uber A!
  • MadTV returned last week on The CW, and while it wasn’t magic yet, there were certainly some glimmers of hope in the new cast, especially the show’s first episode workhorse, Michelle Ortiz. This week, The Mindy Project co-star and old school MadTV alum guest stars.

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