What to Watch: 08/01/2016

Nick Jonas running wild with Mr. Bear Grylls?!?! Sneaky Madison and the dog from Angie Tribeca don’t believe it either. And speaking of UnREAL, we’re getting close to seeking therapy for all the abuse the show has heaped on us.

UnReal [Lifetime, 10p]
I am about done with this show since the show runners got someone shot but I am going to give it one more chance to see if redemption is in the the cards for Quinn and Rachel.

Angie Tribeca [TBS, 9p]
Gotta agree with Navani here, as while UnREAL may be the most thrilling ride on TV – at least among well-written dramas – I need a Monday laugh. Tribeca trying to get out of a frame-up should be just the ticket.

Running Wild with Bear Grylls [NBC, 10p]
In the season three premiere, Bear drags pop star Nick Jonas into a dangerous mountain suffering blizzard conditions. They have to eat frozen bird, too.

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