Weekend Box Office: July 29, 2016

Star Trek was your big box office winner, netting $59.2 million. The Secret Life of Pets continues to charm audiences, coming in second with $29.6 million.

Nerve was released Wednesday. It stars Emma Roberts and Dave Franco as two Youths playing a Truth or Dare-type game online dictacted by its users. Naturally, their identity is stolen and the fun romantic comedy turns into a thriller.

Viral is a horror film about the end-of-days thanks to a virus called “worm flu.” In a recurring theme this summer, two sisters will band together to survive.

The Land is a drama about four teens trying to escape their dead-end futures in Ohio. It looks like a less happy Dope, but it’s where I’d spend my money this weekend.

The Tenth Man is an Argentinian comedy. A man returns to Buneos Aires to reunite with his estranged father and is helped by a manic pixie dream girl

Ants on a Shrimp is a documentary about chef-owner René Redzepi,’s renowned for NOMA, and his attempt to bring the whole restaurant to Tokyo.

Bad Moms, “from the grateful husbands and devoted fathers who wrote The Hangover,” is about three overworked mothers who have no help from their husbands/fathers of their children, and decided to become “bad moms” in a war against the “perfect mom.” Great, women against women, by men who are so grateful. #blessed

Into the Forest stars Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen Page as two sisters trying to survive the apocalypse in their remote cabin. Directed by Patricia Rozema.

Jason Bourne returns to the story of the original Jason Bourne, in the fifth installment in the Bourne series. Matt Damon is back as Bourne, who fights, shoots, and speeds through international intrigue.

Indignation is a drama starring Logan Lerman based on the Philip Roth novel.

Gleason is a documentary about NFL devensive back Steve Gleason, who was diagnosed with ALS at 34.

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