What to Watch: 07/28/2016

Hillary Celebrates The DNC Being With Her! 1890s Brit Detectives Brawl! Fifth Harmonizes Over Heroes’ Classics! This is What to Watch, and we’re Screen Scholars?

Ripper Street [BBCA, 10p]
It’s the return of Reid on one of the most gritty – and most misleadingly named (Jack the Ripper stopped before its narrative starts – shows on television, now in its fourth season.

Greatest Hits [ABC, 9p]
Take a stroll down memory lane tonight when the hits from 2000-2005 are celebrated with renditions from some of today’s top artists including Fifth Harmony, MArio and Zendaya.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy [TNT, 10p]
Will Ferrell’s best? movie finds the actor playing a sexist buffoon who has found fame and fortune as a news anchor. All is well until a smart, career-driven women comes to steal his heart, and share the desk.



  • It’s all about Hil tonight at the DNC. Well, there are other speakers, but it’s her night as she claims her deserved spot at the top of the 2016 ticket.
  • Unwavering, if unqualified, TV pitchman Gayl Pile keeps idiosyncratically hawking wares, while the comedy show starring creator Morgan Waters as said titular character, The Amazing Gayl Pile, jumps innovative online streaming sources from Sarah Silverman’s Jash to sputtering future juggernaut Seeso, which is trying not to go to way of one-time knee-strengthener Ha!
  • MSNBC does not have a monopoly on the in-depth prison documentary, although the prisoners on 60 Days In choose to go in as undercovers. It returns tonight on A&E for a second season.
  • More Vernon Davis judging tonight on ABC’s BattleBots, as the contestants are pared down to 16.
  • Roastmaster Extraordinaire Jeff Ross changes up the format as his usual celebrity roast meets the dozens. The commercials feature the line – delivered by Ross – “It’s Iran vs. I ran away from home.” I don’t really get celebrity roasts, but if you do, Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle premieres tonight on Comedy Central.
  • Vincent and Cat search for normalcy as the CW’s tale as old as time careens towards its end, Beauty and the Beast.
  • Tonight’s episode of FX’s Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll cites an amazing Talking Heads song, so there’s that.
  • While CMT seems a bit of an odd home for it, The Big Year is an underrated – if understated to the extreme – movie starring Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson as hyper-competitive birdwatchers.




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