What to Watch: 07/27/2016

What does Remi Malek want? A Master Chef would like to know. Sherrod Small would sure love to know. Only his robot knows for sure.

Black & White [A&E, 10:30p]
This new talk show features comedians (led by hosts Christian Finnegan and Sherrod Small) talking race with various guests. Thankfully the couches look hella comfy, because this could be a long ride. However, with Jim Gaffigan and Charlamane Tha God, it should be funny and insightful – and certainly well-timed.

Mr. Robot [USA, 10p]

This season is even more of a mind game, and so far the storylines feel super disjointed. Hoping tonight is the night we get out of Elliott’s head and see him back in the real world. And figure out who is behind the recent string of murders.

MasterChef [Fox, 8p]
The 16 Home Cooks make birthday dinner for teens, and struggle to make Christina Tosi’s legendary (very involved) layer cake.


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