What to Watch: 07/26/2016

Tonight, the Democrats make history tonight as they nominate Hillary Clinton as the first female candidate fielded by a major candidate – in response to the Republicans groundbreaking pick of our first half-Cheetos candidate. If politics is not your cup of tea, or you want escape, or to fill up your DVR, here’s some other options.

MadTV [The CW, 9p]
After reigning on late night for 14 years on Fox, the beloved sketch-comedy series is getting a reboot on a new channel with a new timeslot. This year’s cast features Carlie Craig, Chelsea Davison, Jeremy D. Howard, Amir K, Lyric Lewis, Piotr Michael, Michelle Ortiz, and Adam Ray, with special guest appearances from former cast members sprinkled in all season.

Dead of Summer  [Freeform, 9p]
This week on Dead of Summer we explore Joel’s background in flashbacks and the counselors take the kids on an overnight trip deep into the woods. As that helicopter pilot on The Simpsons noted, what could possibly go wrong?

Unearthed [Science, 10p]
Tonight’s episode examines the Acropolis, the UNESCO World Heritage Site and tourist trap of Athens, Greece. See how it was built, and why it still stands, despite being in ruins.



  • The heist looms large over Animal Kingdom, the new TNT series based on the Aussie cult gangster movie, as we’re more than halfway through the season.
  • It’s the men’s turn to respond on The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All on ABC. We want to know more about what’s up with that Santa Claus guy.
  • Highlights of tonight’s Zoo includes a trip to a Portuguese venom salesman and the delightful episode title “Sex. Lies, and Jellyfish.”
  • For what started out as a basic Lost spoof, TBS’ Wrecked has gone into some dark territory. Last week featured an outbreak of Red Death and a trial over an accidental shooting (sidebar: gotta hand it to an almost-decade late parody to hew so close to the source material). This week promises adventure.
  • There’s a special Olympics 2016 episode of HBO’s in-depth sports juggernaut Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, tonight.
  • One of the coolest lines of the new Ghostbusters came from the surprising source of Andy Garcia as NYC’s mayor: “Don’t EVER compare me to the mayor in Jaws.” The classic shark vs. man original airs on AMC tonight at 8p.
  • As for the classic undead shark vs. man flick, Zombie Shark, pops up on Syfy (where else) tonight.
  • Man, R.I.P.D., you should have been much better – or even good. But if you want to give it a ride anyway, it’s on FXM at 8p.

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