What to Watch: 07/25/2016

We don’t mean to get political, but we think Hillary Clinton applauding a cupcake while Rashida Jones looks on with a “wtf” expression sums up today. The Democrats really need a good night tonight, and there’s that nice older man who charms birds set to come to the rescue tonight. It’s also Monday, and that means time for the best fictional reality show drama this side of Family Matters. And if the real world or the UnREAL world are too much for you, we’ve got cupcakes and silly cops.

Democratic National Convention [Many Channels, 7p]
So, President Biff From Back to the Future II (look it up if you don’t believe me) has had his festival, or whatever that was. Now, amid what’s undeniably a bit of a mess, it’s time for Bernie Sanders to play the opening act and save the day with the speech of unity I so know he will bring. Also, Michelle Obama’s words spoken by an actual, real life Michelle Obama.

Angie Tribeca [TBS, 9p]
Let’s see what silliness ensues when Tribeca and Geils set off to investigate the death of Coast Guard member.

Cupcake Wars [Food, 8p]
Last week I was all about Cupcake Wars because it had TWO Olympians AND LAMORNE MORRIS. I can hardly handle the anticipation for tonight’s episode, which forces comedian Ron Funches to bake for the Josie and the Pussycats theme.

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