What to Watch: 07/23/2016

Tonight’s pretty much dominated by AMC and its forays into the 1800s final(-ish) frontier. There’s also Hallmark Movies. To the picks.

Hell on Wheels [AMC, 9p]
After five seasons, they are laying the golden spike, literally and figuratively, on the railroad on the AMC television show about said railroad. If you do a lot of fast forwarding, you can catch up on the series in time for the finale tonight.

Summer Plot [Hallmark, 9p]
In a plot that’s been done before, a French (…Canadian?) villa is double-booked, bringing a pretty, white writer (Hilarie Burton) and a handsome chef together.



  • Billy the Kid tries to elude Pat Garrett (we forget how it ends), and Wyatt Earp makes an appearance on The American West.
  • Rush Hour has gone nine episodes! Nine? Tonight’s episode has the pair searching for a prison escapee who is in turn looking for their family who are in witness protection.


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