What to Watch: 07/22/2016

We’re pretty sure the angry orange man has stopped speaking by now, and it’s Friday, so while the television is mostly quiet we can come out from cowering to quell our fears with a manic depressive Hollywood horse and gigantic foodstuffs among other things.

BoJack Horseman [Netflix]
Time has passed so quickly and it seems like it’s been no time since BoJack plucked Todd from the Improv Cult Cruise while Mr. Peanut Butter and Diane had the cutest reunion, while Princess Caroline asserted herself in her new role. I still haven’t recovered from Bojack’s ill-fated trip to New Mexico. For an animated show, it’s got quite the emotional body count. One of the best and smartest shows on television returns on Netflix for a third season tonight.

Ginormous Food [Food, 8p]
Josh Denny finds big food in Texas, including a two-foot long sandwich, a five-pound burger, and a 62-inch pizza.



  • Syfy’s Dark Matter is starting to get a modest cult following for a show that does almost nothing to promote itself.
  • Snoop Dogg, Da Brat, and Timbaland help out the kids on the second season of Jermaine Dupri’s The Rap Game on Lifetime, starting tonight. Ah, rapping, to us rappers, it’s top notch!


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