What to Watch: 07/21/2016

As the lovable crazies file into San Diego replacing the just plain whackos who file out of Cleveland, it’s a relatively quiet night on the tube, but, as per the ushe, we got some stuff for you.

Syfy Presents Comic-Con [Syfy, 8p]
You like comic-con? Like Will Arnett? Then you won’t want to miss Syfy Presents Live From Comic-con. Tonight the cast of Star Trek Beyond joins host Arnett to chat. Also, Alan Tudyk may stop by.

Lip Sync Battle [Spike, 10p]
Tonight’s celebrities are the Hough siblings, Julianne and Derek.

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three [TCM, 8p]
If you are a fan of the NYC Subways, the 1970s, or gritty heist movies, this classic action flick has something for you Not to be confused with the far inferior, but nonetheless entertaining The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3, this is one of Robert Shaw’s three greatest performances of the 1970s, as he and his gang (including a sniffly ex-conductor Martin Balsam) hijack the 6 train, while a beleaguered Walter Matthau tries to foil the plot.




  • The CW’s Beauty and the Beast is well into its fourth and final season’s endgame, as an assassin remains at large. The episode title is “Love is a Battlefield,” so the older editors among us are hoping there’s an impeccably choreographed dive bar uprising by Pat Benatar and her band of affable prostitutes.
  • Flash and Bam and Rehab all have their own issues, which reminds me that I don’t care much for whoever names things on FX’s Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.
  • It’s a reunion night on the most historical of hardcore reality shows, History Channel’s Alone.
  • If you feel like flipping or flopping, you have a choice between Flip or Flop on HGTV and Flipping Out on Bravo at 9p.
  • If you ever wanted to see NFL tight end Vernon Davis make a robot fight for its existence, tonight’s BattleBots on ABC is about as close as you’re ever gonna get.
  • Fuse is showing a 2016 movie starring undead movie vet Tony Todd called Zombies where the titular walkers are animals, so while we don’t know that much about it, we believe it sounds awesome!


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