What to Watch: 07/19/2016

If you love circus sideshows, it’s a good time to be alive. However, if white supremacist conspiracy theories, fearmongering, and 1970s sitcom sidekicks having say in the next President don’t thrill you, you may want to grab a drink and turn the channel. In that case, we have yr other options right here:

Casual [Hulu]
Alex managed to break up his ex’s engagement to his business partner but now what? Yeah she might have been the one that got away but is this a good thing or is he secretly mortified as the commitphobe he really is?

Yellowstone: Battle for Life [Animal Planet, 9p]
This one-hour special, edited from the BBC’s three-part Yellowstone series follows bison, wolves, and elk over the course of one year.

A Fistful of Dollars [TCM, 8p]
The way the RNC Convention has started this year, Clint Eastwood and his chair-centric monologue might be a welcome bit of sanity. Even better, TCM is airing his classic Man with No Name westerns directed by Sergio Leone. Stick around after for another helping in For A Few Dollars More.



  • It’s no Angie Tribeca as TNS spoof shows go, but Wrecked can be a lot of fun, especially now that it’s using the comedy talents of Rhys Darby and Ginger Gonzaga to full effect. Also, it’s the trial of frat boy villain.
  • This season, America’s Got Talent has an NFL long snapper whose also a magician. I’m not sure if he’s still there, but that’s pretty cool, right?
  • For baseball fans, this is about as good of a regular-season match as you’re gonna get. Two passionate and self-flagellating fanbases can watch as the Cubs are hopeful to finally break their 108 year World Series drought, while the Mets hope to return to the big game for the second year in a row.
  • Our heroes find refuge to be an illusion this week on the CBS thriller Zoo, but then that word is almost always deadly in dystopia.
  • Will every A ever be vanquished? Doubtful, but you can’t blame those Pretty Little Liars on The CW for trying.
  • Celebrate Benedict Cumberbatch’s 40th with a viewing of his heralded turn as Billy Bulger in Black Mass on one of the HBO offshoots.





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