What to Watch: 07/14/2016

If you want some shows, that are looking good, who you gonna call? Screen Scholars! We’ll be here all week. {star wars…nothing but star waaaaars…crazy ol’ star wars…all over the laaaand}

Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters II [AMC, 7p]
First off, this has nothing to do with the nonsense men’s rights idiots, but has everything to do with my giddiness over tomorrow’s premiere of the McCarthy/Wiig/Jones/McKinnon Ghostbusters tonight. What did you do, Ray?

Flipping Out [Bravo, 9p]
Jeff Lewis is baaaack and this season not only is he rebuilding houses but trying to build a family with his partner Gage. Tonight they accompany their surrogate to the doctor to implant the embryos while Jenni is still trying to figure out work/life balance as a mom. I see some amazing tantrums in the near future.

Talladega Nights the Ballad of Ricky Bobby [TNT, 8p]
Will Ferrell’s 2006 film about a dim NASCAR superstar will come at you like a spider monkey all hopped up on Mt. Dew.



  • And the band plays on! Denis Leary’s band continues to rock on FX’s Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll
  • If dark thrillers in a British accent suits your mood, settle down with Thirteen tonight on BBC America
  • Normally we wouldn’t push a TLC weight loss reality show, but one of our editors has a cat named Wally who lost a lot of weight, and “Wally” is the title of tonight’s Extreme Weight Loss
  • Patriot tight end Rob Gronkowski is tonight’s guest on MTV’s Ridiculousness. C’mon television, we defended you!
  • If your idea of pre-gaming for tomorrow’s Ghostbusters premiere is women who kick ass, BBC America will be airing Kill Bill Vol. 2 before tonight’s Thirteen
  • For more swordplay, but with vampires, there’s the modern cult classic Blade II, airing on Starz

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