Emmy Nomination Thoughts: Jason


First off, you can throw the Emmy votes out the window if no one from Grace & Frankie gets a nod. Lily Tomlin’s been turning in some of her best performances since her Edith Ann was spitting out “the truth” with her trademark raspberry, and should hear her name for the second straight year. While it’s more unlikely, I’d love to see one of the ACODs (well, save the underused Brooklyn Decker) thrown a bone as Baron Vaughn, Ethan Embry, and June Diane Raphael have all shined in a show where all the light could easily be absorbed by its four septuagenarian stars.


If there were an award for three actors and a guinea pig playing the same living embodiment of a main character’s neuroses, then Raphael would share an Emmy with Ana Gasteyer and Jenny Slate (and, again, that guinea pig) as Karen Grisham on the mind-blowing Lady Dynamite. While it’s a long shot that either the show itself or comedian Maria Bamford will be honored, perhaps longtime Fred Melamed could pick up a trophy for his turn as her hapless, child soldier-enabling, $37,000 table-shattering agent. For that matter, Mark McGrath should battle The Grinder‘s Timothy Olyphant for the shamefully non-existent award of Best Actor Playing a Silly Version of Themselves.


Melamed could also receive a guest spot award as J. Cronkite Valley-Forge (a man apparently named by a Mad Magazine writer) on New Girl. Speaking of that, Emmy Voters, please don’t lazily nominate Max Greenfield again unless you also plan to give some props to Laverne Morris, who has taken the unpredictable, spontaneous, cat-obsessed Winston to a whole new level. While I admit that’s not particularly fair given that Greenfield has had one of his strongest seasons as the idiosyncratic Schmidt plans his wedding to CeCe, it’s just that Winston is a truly unique character for TV, and Morris constantly amazes in the sweet, understated role.


I doubt I have to worry about Mr. Robot, Rami Malek, with its two Golden Globe wins. I’d like to think I don’t have to worry about Tatiana Maslany, an actress who is clearly doing the best work of any performer on the small screen. She should qualify for an Emmy for any one of the Orphan Black clones; that she can slip in and out of the many personalities – and that’s not even mentioning all the times she’s pretending to be Sarah pretending to be Helena pretending to be Cosima – should make this a no-brainer.


Back to The Grinder, while it wouldn’t bring this brilliant-but-cancelled program back, it would be a sweet tribute to this one-and-(probably)-done meta-happy law show to sneak it an Emmy on the back end. It would be even more amazing if Fred Savage earned a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his return to TV as nebbishy professional lawyer and beleaguered brother of Rob Lowe’s actor lawyer.


Six paragraphs in and we haven’t even talked a minute about the shows which would likely be my choices for Best Drama and Best Comedy – both longshots – UnREAL and Master of None. But there’s only one sure thing tomorrow – I will be angry and disappointed at something that was jilted, but for the first time, that will not be the annual snub of Ron Swanson.


Find out the Emmy nominations tomorrow, July 14, at 11:30a ET/8:30a PT here.

And check out Katherine’s thoughts here.

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