What to Watch: 07/13/2016

It’s Robot Day in America – if you prefer Suits, that’s fine too, but we Scholars are all about Robots, as one of the most breathtakingly dark and challenging shows returns for its second season tonight. We also like cooking shows … a lot!

Mr. Robot [USA, 10p]
With the big reveal that blew our minds last season we are all waiting on bated breath to see what’s next for Elliott and how he will stay out of trouble after his last major hack that left the economy in a whirlwind. Can he stay clear of the influence of Mr. Robot?

Mr. Robot [USA, 10p]
The intrigue around conspiracy theories only portends to perk up as election season builds. Last year, this tightly wound techno-thriller wrapped layer upon layer of deception and corruption, ever blurring the lines between reality and hallucinogenic madness.

MasterChef [Fox, 8p]
The 15 homecooks serve steaks and sides to 101 veterans.



  • Franklin & Bash may be gone, but if you still want snappy conversation between law-talking guys, Suits returns for a sixth season on USA.
  • Real American heroes meet our goofy fops from Another Period as the Roosevelts visit the estate tonight on Comedy Central.
  • Whenever we try to crack wise on The ESPYs, we are reminded of Stuart Scott’s genuinely moving speech and we feel like such jerks for our natural sarcastic veneer. Where else, on ESPN.
  • There’s just one more weeks of secrets flying on FOX’s most kooky dark sci-fi drama Wayward Pines.
  • The Property Brothers return on HGTV to help a homeowner out of their “1990s rut,” which we presume means that Third Eye Blind and Local H will be playing in the basement.
  • If your home improvement appetite is not sated by that point, Flipping Out returns tonight for a ninth season on Bravo.


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