What to Watch: 07/12/2016

Who watches the Watchmen? National League All-Stars, Billy Eichner, and discerning viewers, we say. Here’s those things and a bunch of others for your consideration.

Difficult People [Hulu}
In shows about people that are not so nice this one ranks pretty high. Welcome Season 2 of our favorite, catty TV reviewers Billy and Julie, as they continue to peruse their dreams of writing for TV at any socially awkward length, while verbalizing their utter disdain for EVERYTHING. Twice the cattiness and the cameos this season make for wonderful summer watching.

MLB All-Star Game [Fox, 8p]
The game is pointless, and that home field advantage in the World Series hangs on the line makes it even worse, but, OH, when they all line-up for player announcement and tip their caps, I still get goosebumps.

Watchmen [WGN, 9:30p]
Zack Snyder’s second-best film may lack the giant sea monster but it’s so much better than it should be.



  • A lot of romance and regret are on the menu tonight for Pretty Little Liars. Uber A, cover-ups and more tonight on Freeform.
  • Speaking of menus, reviews have been middling for AMC’s restaurant drama Feed the Beastbut we heard from Kiro in Jersey that the show is great, and he’s got excellent taste so you should listen to him.
  • If your name is Smurf, you don’t mess around, not if you live in a mystical forest, not if you are a cat overcoming abuse, and definitely not if you are running a crime syndicate, as the Smurf on Animal Kingdom does with verve. Tonight, she’s dealing with Pope’s drug issues on the TNT thriller.
  • There’s lamb and baked beans on the Chopped challenges, while the Chopped Junior kids invent wacky sodas. On Food Network.
  • Jail has come to Wrecked and it solves their Todd problems – both for the characters on the show and the viewers who needed to see a comeuppance for TBS’ Lost parody’s frat bro.

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