What to Watch: 07/09/2016

There’s not a whole lotta shaking going on tonight, and we really don’t want to get into what Spike is doing this weekend (although it may have been a plan to promote the new season and just tacky timing), but here’s a few options around the dial that’s not been a dial for decades.

Hello World! [Discovery, 8p]
Tonight Usher makes us wanna leave the world we’re with a better place. Hello World! combines pop music with environment and geography on this new Discovery Channel show which will also feature appearances by Steven Tyler, Cristina Aguilera, Joan Jett, and many others.

Angel from Hell [CBS, 8p]
Amy, the very bad guardian angel, advises Allison to have a fling before meddling in Allison’s relationship.



  • C’mon ride this train, build and ride it. Hell On Wheels is too busy with the secrets and lies to get it done on AMC – but oh the drama!
  • AMC also takes a documentary-style look at the time frame and location in question on the latest installment of The American West. Tonight, the focus is on Wyatt Earp, Sitting Bull, and Crazy Horse.
  • If you want to go back in time, but don’t want to narrow it down to one time, you’ve got Starz’ Outlander to keep you company.
  • But we’re gonna leave you in an alternate time, looking for Zombie Bill Murray, with the showing of the quirky 2009 modern classic Zombieland on MTV.

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