What to Watch: 07/07/2016

It’s a relatively quiet day on the television front, but we have a bunch of movies for you, led by one of the most quotable movies of all time. Who could forget when everyone was affecting a newsroom accent and saying “follow the money.” Yes, baby.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery [IFC, 8p]
The 1997 spy farce stars Mike Myers as Austin Powers, an International Man of Mystery who had himself frozen in the ‘60s so he could fight Dr. Evil (also Mike Myers!) in the late ‘90s.

Brahman Naman [Netflix]
Coming of age movie that marries Revenge of the Nerds and Old School but in 1980s India. Sign me up.

All The President’s Men [TCM, 8p]
Whatever your thoughts re: Hillary, e-mails, Drumpf, and we’re sure you have opinions, it’s the (latest) perfect time to watch this 1977 classic featuring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman as Woodward & Bernstein



  • The second episode of the second season of Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll is titled “Rebel Rebel,” so chances are we’ll get to feel sad about the loss of the world’s Starman once more.
  • If you’re longing for intrigue this night, Thirteen on BBC America should be your destination. Here’s 13 reasons to watch it – although you might wish to consider the source, then click around to find and watch the first two episodes as it’s not too late to catch up quick.
  • In the mood for some OG stuff? VH1 is airing the Hughes Brothers’ powerful 1994 debut film Menace II Society.
  • In a thriller taken from the unlikely source of a college psychology laboratory, The Stanford Prison Experiment is taut, well-received, and genuinely terrifying. TMC’s got it tonight.

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