What to Watch: 07/06/2016



If our mid-year picks haven’t inspired you, there’s plenty to watch tonight, including new episodes of Maron and MasterChef, plus one of the better films from this century’s first decade.


Maron [IFC, 9p]
Marc has a baby! Still reeling from this discovery he decides to man up and go travel to Shay and meet his baby. This show manages to tap into a deeper level of agitate that I didn’t even knew existed in me.

MasterChef [Fox, 8p]

It’s lobster night and the remaining home cooks have to prepare the crustacean before their field challenge. I worked at a lobster shack, so all of my interest is in the first half, especially the part where Gordon shows how to “properly deconstruct” a lobster.


Eastern Promises [More Max, 9p]

With the dark, brooding crime syndicates on television currently, this 2007 Viggo Mortensen movie keeps coming to mind, and it’s often on somewhere, as it is tonight. You’ll never look at a gym locker room shower or Chelsea scarf the same way again … or was that A History of ViolenceEither is a great film.

Also on tap:

  • New episodes of Big Brother (CBS, 8p), Wayward Pines (Fox, 9p), and Tyrant (FX, 10p).
  • America’s Got Talent (NBC, 7p) recaps this season’s auditions, and throws in unseen footage. May it include more of the talented tween with the ukulele.
  • Supernature looks at flying specimens, including (freakin’ awesome) peregrine falcon, Japanese rhinoceros beetle, sparrowhawk, and racket-tail hummingbird.
  • Duck Dynasty is back for its tenth season in A&E. (9p) Good luck with that.

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