What to Watch: 07/05/2016

On a night of thrillers and reality shows, we go off the beaten path for a B-movie series marathon and a Lifetime Movie (and be on the lookout for an upcoming recurring feature on the latter).

Maya & Marty [NBC, 10p]
Tonight’s quest list includes Amy Poehler, Jerry Seinfeld and Will Forte. A hilarious spoof on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee‎ is all a gal can hope for on a Tuesday nig

The Other Wife [LMN, 10p]
When her husband turns up dead, a woman joins forces with his other wife from his double life to outwit the mobsters who murdered him.

Tremors Marathon [Syfy, 4:30p]
What better antidote to the bummer of having to go back to work (or not having a job to begin with) than this ridiculously fun B-movie series, started in the 1990s, about ravenous worms plucking people from above ground. Unfortunately, Syfy would appear to not have rights to the original, well-regarded film, but never fear, that’s more Michael Gross conspiracy theorist to go around.  



  • The Juno Probe reaches Jupiter tonight, and to celebrate Science Channel is having an all Jupiter night, including (of course) Jupiter’s Dangerous Secrets because … science!
  • Love new cars? Enjoy seeing them in New Orleans? Well, you’re gonna love History Channel’s newest program, Big Easy Motors, because … history!
  • Chopped Grill Masters features 16 master grillers doing their reality competition best on an Arizona ranch. Food network, because … because!
  • Uber A is still a menace as we dig into the seventh season of Pretty Little Liars.
  • Animals are attacking Geneva (isn’t that against the rules) tonight on Zoo, the adaptation of James Patterson’s novel of the same name. On CBS!
  • Animal Kingdom‘s titular characters aren’t actual animals, but humans with very human problems, and boy howdy, do they have them. They’re halfway through the first season tonight on TNT.

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